I found this place through Yahoo answers and was extremely satisfied with the service and product. Highly recommended!

Arlene R. Oceanside, CA

Bought clip in hair extensions!  Great value and the color matches perfectly!  the girl put them in for me and taught me how to take care of them.  I will definately return and recommend them to anyone for clip in extensions.

Kristi S. San Diego, CA

Went to Mariomax today (without an appt) for clip-in human hair extensions.  The stylist matched my color immediately and put them in for me.  They look fabulous, and I was out of the store in less than 10 minutes.  The whole experience was perfect, thanks!

Helen A. La Mesa, CA

Where else could I get pomade, mouse, shampoo, conditioner, a good quality ceramic flat iron for $45, hair extensions, nail polish, hair treatment and a color and trim for a decent price?

My friend’s dad, Mario, has had over 30 years of experience. This should validate his quaity of work, right? Sure it does…..

I scheduled an appointment with him and came in the following day. He had his assistant give me an invigorating scalp massage while getting my hair washed. After, I felt renewed and sat in his chair. He sprayed some product in my wet curly hair and let me brush it, since I know how to deal with my curse. So, I brushed away and allowed him to prepare himself for the trim….

He twirled my chair around, had my sit up straight. Meanwhile, I started a conversation with his daughter, whom I consider a friend.  We hadn’t been been talking for five minutes and he had cut off all the dead hair already.

Done? So quickly??
and it scared me senseless.
He did it so quickly, but it didn’t look bad.

I reached behind to grab my hair, and the inch and a half I asked to get taken off turned out to be a little more than 3 inches. I looked down at the floor and saw all my little homies [aka cut off hair] on the floor, disconnected from their mother. I was dying inside, now my hair is gonna be even more “FRO-ISH”. But in reality, he did me a favor. He cut off all the dead-ends.

Curly hair is sensitive but he worked it. Although he didn’t take his time, his experience makes up for it.  The cut cost me $15, and I left a $5 tip and was on my way.

Mariomax has it all and does it all and I always come back for styling, color or whatever else. Not to mention the extensive line of products and tools he has for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

Josephine Z. El Cajon, CA

You want hair extensions and don’t want to wait?  This is the place to go!  It was October 25th and I needed some quality extensions to go along with my Halloween costume.

First trick, finding the place.  I was driving around in an non-air conditioned automobile in late October in the blazing El Cajon heat.  I checked later to learn that El Cajon had been the hottest place in the country on that date.  Finally, sweaty and distressed, I got my cousin on my almost-out-of-battery cell to find it’s location in relation to the Little Ceasar’s.  I had almost turned around, but thankfully did not.

Upon walking in, I saw the wall full of different colored, styles and lengths of human hair extensions.  When I arrived in the back, I had the full attention of the owner and his assistant.  They went through several swatches of hair, finally to find my exact color.  After finding that they did not have that color in the appropriate lenght, they went through the trouble of cutting some new extensions while I waited.  I was given the extra hair to use as I pleased.  While I was waiting, I chatted up a woman who was getting the semi-permanent extensions in her hair.

Once the extensions were ready, they put them in for me and flat-ironed my hair.

No, the extensions are no cheap, but they charge the going rate for human hair, and here you don’t have to order them.

The extensions worked great for Halloween and are in perfect condition.

Leslie B. San Diego, CA

For years our salon has been using Mariomax Hair Extensions.  We couldn’t keep up with the requests and people commenting how much they love it.  I don’t really like to tell people about it because I prefer having them come to us. The secret is out in San Diego I suppose.

Michael A.  La Jolla, CA

I used to go to high-end salons for my hair extensions and spent waayyy too much money.  Luckily, a friend of mine told me about Mariomax, but I was still a bit sceptical…with the economy being on the downside, I wanted to find a place to get fairly-priced hair extensions without compromising quality. Well, my search was over when I found Mariomax.  Not only did he help answer all my questions, he actually gave me suggestions that were better than what I initially wanted.  If you want the best hair extensions in San Diego without the extra cost, then I suggest you call them or stop by.  You won’t regret it.

Katie W. San Diego, CA

Hey Mario, I just wanted to thank you for making me look amazing for my prom.  Everyone kept asking me where I got my hair done 🙂
Megan P. San Diego, CA
The Best of the Best!!  I’ve been coming here over a decade, soooo worth the drive to east county!!
Alicia P.L. Oceanside, CA